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Making Your Way Back to the Workforce

  Looking to re-enter the workforce? Aside from dusting off your résumé and job skills and securing competent, reliable child care, going back to work can be a daunting prospect. You’ll miss their little faces and not being there when they come bounding through the door at the end of their school day. But a quick reality check tells you that your income is essential to maintaining a decent standard of living under your roof. Unless you are blessed with a stay at home parental unit for a partner, childcare costs can wipe out your dreams of gainful employment, while working just to make ends meet is a less than desirable prospect. Hmmm…maybe start your own daycare centre? Apparently, the money is good and there’s a growing demand... Obstacles abound for moms seeking to rejoin Club Nine-to-Five, and they start before you make it through the front door. Knowledge, however, is power. Gaining some insight into the workforce “norms” that can scupper your goals of fast employment and attra

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