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The Work Life Balancing Act

As a parent perhaps our greatest worry is “am I spending enough time actually raising my child?” It’s tough. We must provide for our offspring while rearing them in a rewarding relationship, but the concerns and duties of everyday adult life—employment, housing, domestic chores, etc.—all conspire to pull our attention away from our wee one(s).  Relax. This is normal. Instagram, Disney movies and glossy magazine spreads are lying to us. Even the most organized and financially secure people struggle with child-rearing. So for the other 99% of us, the challenge is to find a work-life balance. Raising Emotionally Secure Kids Children naturally reach out to their parents when they need or want something until they are taught to do otherwise through admonishment or neglect. What children need most of all is our attention and our approval/acceptance. When we spend time focused on our child, they feel worthwhile and worthy of love and respect. These concepts are something best modelled for the

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